A well water filtration system from A 1st Choice Well Service can eliminate a number of problems associated with well water. If your home’s water supply is coming from a well, turn to the pros at our company for expert analysis, diagnostics, and solutions to your water-quality issues.  We can complete a in-home water test to determine the specific contaminants that may be present in your home’s water, and we can recommend solutions to target those problems and provide healthier, cleaner water for you and your loved ones.

              Before.                                   After.

Here are a few signs you can look for that could make your water well system a perfect fit to have a filtration that can eliminate these issues.

     * Blue/Green staining on household fixtures

     * Orange/brown staining laundry & on outside


     * Sediment build-up in faucets, shower heads and  

       washing machines

     * Rotten-egg smell from your sinks and fixtures

     * Calcium build up or a white powdery material on

       faucets and fixtures

              Before.                                   After.

We are proud to announce that we offer and have the capability of testing your water on site with multiple testing.


Test we offer are:


Total Alkalinity

Total Chlorine

Total High Chlorine


Total High Hardness

Total Low Hardness



PH Acid, Alkali


We offer video inspection to insure the casing is properly installed and no contaminates are leaking into your water well.


We also offer Total Coliform, and E. Coli testing in 48 Hours


We are here to insure the best quality of water and installing the right system to provide an excellent water system.

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Video inspection of a well with casing issues.